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How To Choose the Best Style of Wedding Saree

Best Style of Wedding Saree

Indistinct chatters, Playful melodies, floral decor, joyous festivities and six yards of grace make the wedding all things magical! But, finding that perfect wedding saree that flatters your body and fits your personality can be a challenging task.

Weddings are an elaborate affair, and planning for the costumes for various festivities starts way before the final day. If you are a true diva looking for that ideal wedding saree in a sea of lehengas, it's better to start searching for it to avoid the eleventh-hour crisis.

But how to choose the best style of wedding saree? we've got you! From researching wedding sarees, and their styling tips to Fabric choices and accessories, here’s a detailed tour of everything you need to know before selecting the right wedding saree.

Tips for choosing a Wedding Saree:

Choosing a Wedding Saree that complements your body type and personal style is crucial in ensuring that you look and feel the best on wedding festivities. With the sea of options there in the market, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect outfit. So, here is some latest and most marvellous saree type that might help you choose the best saree for the upcoming wedding season.

1. Choose Sarees by Fabric

For Morning Wedding Look - Handloom Cotton Silk Sarees 

Handloom Cotton Silk Sarees

As mellow sunshine filters into the wedding mandap, be resplendent with regal and artistic handloom cotton sarees which exude rich & diverse prints. The best way to conjure magic to daytime weddings is to blend silken yarns with resonant hues. Grab the eyeballs with these handloom cotton silk sarees ornated with woven motifs.

For Night Wedding Look - Pure Viscose Dola Silk Sarees 

Pure Viscose Dola Silk Sarees

Make a bold, blingy splash at night weddings. Flood your closet with luxurious dola silk sarees emphasized with opaque tints like maroon, wine, blue, and green. Play with different prints like kalamkari, pichwai or patola. Capture the timeless charm of the dola silk saree in its traditional and vibrant flair! 

2. Choose the Saree Design-wise


Kalamkari Saree

Not just the yards of fabric but the true epitome of sheer elegance. Ring in an ethereal wedding celebration with this opulent Mughal wedding saree. An exceptional ambit of contemporary kalamkari art skillfully conveyed on handloom cotton silk. The Royal and elegant wedding silhouette exemplifies the onset of wedding festivities.


Bhandhej Saree

An amalgamation of heritage and artistry of handwoven textiles. Exhibiting grace, elegance and sophistication in every detail, this bandhani silk wedding saree adds a subtle yet sophisticated character to every sparkle, every detail and every smile. Intricate bandhani's work on the silken yarns creates a beautiful symphony of magnificence and luxury


patola saree

Deeply rooted in a culture! Handwoven artistry of patola motifs translated on silken yarns surely is a gem in your wardrobe. Time-honoured classic weaves of patola wedding sarees embodied with rich tones look beyond ethereal.


A tale of heritage, culture and royalty! Often associated with the realm of opulence, the paithani wedding saree is considered a rare and royal drape. Beautiful motifs, distinct weaving styles and broad borders of the paithani saree are crafted to bring out the feminine goddess residing in you.

3. Select Saree based on Colour

When it comes to choosing a colour for the wedding saree, there are lots of factors to consider. Different colours have different meanings. So, you can pick one that is in sync with the mood and theme of the wedding.

Ultimately, the colour of the wedding saree should resonate with your style and preferences.

How to Style your Wedding Saree?

1) Pleated Pallu Style Look 

Pleated Pallu Style Look

Pleated pallu style drape is the most common drape that we see nowadays. Be it in cotton silk or any designer wedding sarees, the pleated pallu style works perfectly. No one can deny the grace that a pleated pallu look while worn with cotton sarees can give. A pleated pallu look defines 

2) Bengali Style Saree Look

Bengali Style Saree Look

Bengali style saree is famous for its royal look. It depicts the royal ethnic appearance. The way the drape falls onto the body gives a regal stare and looks exotic. Needless to say, cotton silk sarees work best for the Bengali-style drape.

3) Gujarati Style Look 

Gujarati Style Look

A popular wedding saree drape, although traditionally worn by Gujarati women, this Gujarati drape is a go-to choice for many. Also known as the siddha pallu saree as the pallu comes in a front highlighting woven motifs and borders. Traditional patola or bandhej sarees look ravishing with this drape. 

4 Standard Draping Saree Look

Standard Draping Saree Look

This is the easiest drape to carry off. All kinds of sarees can be draped perfectly with a pin or brooch securing the pallu without pleats. This saree drape depicts simplicity and comfort. This drape works best when worn with heavy pallu sarees as this drape highlights the artistry of the woven motifs. 

To set every eye on you, choose the best wedding saree that will ensure that you look your best in every wedding festivity. From engagement to haldi, mehendi, sangeet and wedding, drape yourself with these yards of royalty that know how to make every head turn.

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