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5 Different Dupatta Styles You Must Try

5 Different Dupatta Styles You Must Try

Without any doubt, Dupattas are an important part of traditional Indian attire. No Indian attire or outfit is complete without a beautiful dupatta going with it. Dupattas can add elegance and grace to nearly every outfit.

Dupattas not only go with salwar suits but also with lehngas, Sharara suits, Palazzo suits, or other traditional outfits to give your outfit a complete look and make you look charming. But one common concern of people when dressing themselves up is- How to style their dupattas with different types of dresses?

When it comes to styling the dupattas, there is no single way to do so but many. Dupatta is a versatile piece of clothing that can be draped in several styles to give you a different look and suit plenty of outfit ideas.

Here are some popular kinds of dupattas and also, the dupatta draping style you can try to enhance your looks.

Different Kinds of Dupattas

Kalamkari Dupattas

No doubt that there are plenty of dupattas out there but Kalamkari dupattas are the most popular among Indian women. The Kalamkari dupattas are digitally printed dupattas and are available in a range of versatile colors.

Having this dupatta in your wardrobe would be a perfect addition to your ethnic collection. Above all, it is nearly the favorite dupatta of every woman out there. The super soft fabric and it's easy-to-carry nature are what make it look trendy yet classic.

Shop our Handloom cotton silk kalamkari dupatta in a range of Rs. 849 and add to your beauty.

Red Kalamkari Dupatta

Pichwai Dupattas

The next popular kind of dupatta is the Pichwai dupatta. As the name indicates, it is a traditional dupatta having its origin in Rajasthan. The Pichwai Dupattas are usually made up of cotton or silk fabric and are widely known for their hand-painted designs.

Moreover, Pichwai dupattas is one such dupatta that stands out from all other traditional dupattas as it is unique. The lightweight nature of the dupatta makes it easy to carry and also gives a good fall.

The best part about Pichwai dupattas is that these can be paired with plenty of ethnic outfits such as lehengas, sarees, salwar suits, and the list goes on. Shop our elegant and graceful Lotus Pichwai dupatta at just Rs. 849.

Lotus Pichwai Dupatta

Patola Dupattas

Another popular dupatta to have in your ethnic collection is the Patola dupatta. The origin of Patola dupattas happens to be from Gujarat and these are made using the unique Ikat double weaving technique.

Patola dupattas are unique, eye-catching and are widely known for their intricate designs. These dupattas are durable and add to your status when worn as these are quite luxurious. Get this gorgeous handloom cotton silk dupatta online at just Rs. 849.

Navrang Patola paithani Dupatta

Bandhej Dupattas

How can one forget about Bandhej dupattas when talking about the diverse kinds of dupattas? Bandhej dupattas are also known as bandhani dupattas and are widely known for their beautiful designs.  

The unique and vibrant designs of the Bandhej dupattas are the main reason behind their popularity. Besides this, the high-quality fabric used in its making makes it comfortable and easy to wear. Shop our classic Mudra Red Bandhej Dupatta at just Rs. 849.

Mudra Red Bandhej Dupatta

Fusion Dupattas

Lastly, there are fusion dupattas. Unlike the above-mentioned dupattas, fusion dupattas are a combination of traditional and contemporary styles. You can pair these dupattas with both Western and ethnic wear.

Fusion dupattas are unique and can be paired with a range of different outfits. So, what are you waiting for? Buy our Vaaran fusion dupatta online at just Rs. 849.

Vaaran Fusion Dupatta

Modern Dupatta Styles to Try

Drape around style

Drape around style is the most popular dupatta draping style used these days. It is the most classic style to take dupattas and make you look gorgeous. The best part about drape around style is that it does not bother you in the middle of tasks and is best on occasions where you need to indulge in hands at work.

Moreover, drape around style not only makes you look smart but also keeps you warm. Make the heads turn by taking your dupatta this way.

Elbow style

The next popular dupatta style worth trying these days is the elbow style. In this, you need to throw your dupatta to the back of your body and bring it back over your elbow. Taking a dupatta this way makes you feel like a queen.

Taking a dupatta the elbow style goes well with lehngas and plenty of other outfits. Style your dupatta this way and make heads turn.

One side

Taking a dupatta on one side is also a popular way of styling your dupatta. You simply need to take a dupatta on one side of the shoulder, pin it up, and spread it all over your arm. It is a great way to flaunt your dupatta.

Moreover, this style often works wonders when worn with plain dresses, phulkari, kalamkari, and bandhani dresses.

One shoulder one arm

Another popular dupatta wearing style to try on popular occasions is one shoulder and one arm. This style not only highlights your dupatta but also gives your outfit a fuller look. This style looks great when worn with floor-length dresses with banarasi or phulkari dupattas.

Pleated style

Next comes the pleated dupatta draping style. The women looking to have a neat and polished look should go for this dupatta style as this gives you a nice and simple look. Just pleat your dupatta and pin it up on your shoulder.

Pair it with chunky statement pieces to slay it in style and complete your look.

Wrapping Up

Besides the ones mentioned above, there are plenty of other dupatta styles which are worth trying such as over the head, full open, and many more to go with different types of dresses. Style your dupatta as per your dress, occasion, and personal style statement, and look great.

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