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The 6 Best Ways to Look Stylish in Silk Sarees

Stylish in Silk Sarees

There's something elegant and classy about silk sarees that we can't get enough of. Silk sarees hold an otherworldly significance in wedding festivities, with their intricate weaves and ethereal sheen casting a spell over all who behold them. Each saree is imbued with luxury and represents the divine feminine. 

Tradition and heritage shone at their brightest when women drape this six-yard silken treat for wedding festivities. But, the key to a perfect saree look is to drape it flawlessly, as it has a smooth texture and tricky fabric. 

Do you also want an arresting look with captivating silk sarees? Styling silk sarees for festive occasions is possible for you with just a little bit of effort and attention.

So how to wear silk sarees beautifully?

Here are some quick tips that can help you in styling silk sarees most elegantly.

1. Right colour

Choosing the appropriate colour of a silk saree that complements the theme of the occasion can help you achieve a compelling appearance. For instance, deep hues work like magic in late-evening affairs. However, subdued hues would give you fresh vibes in early festive mornings.

2. Blouse

Selecting the appropriate blouse is the next essential factor that can enhance the overall look, once you choose the right saree. You can improve or impair your saree look by playing with the blouse style. For instance, if you plan to wear a traditional banarasi silk saree at events or parties, then a heavy work blouse will enhance your saree look.

In case, you are planning to wear sarees for festivities, then a simple and casual blouse would work well. also, you can experiment with new neck and sleeve styles to make your blouse look riveting.

3. Draping Style

Next up is the draping style. This one area is where many fail miserably. The six yards of beauty should be draped in such a way that its true elegance should shine when you wear it. Clumsy pleats and wrinkles will take away the charm of your silk saree look. So, a day before you are planning to wear the saree, make sure it is well-ironed. Secure the pleats in advance if possible and keep them intact with safety pins. So, it will be a breeze to put together everything while styling the silk saree.

4. Jewellery

To add a wow factor to your silk saree look, a few exquisite pieces of jewellery are essential. Choose jewellery that can inflate your silk saree look. The key is to choose a piece that compliments your saree rather than overpowering it. If the saree is too embellished, opt for minimal, elegant jewellery and if the saree is subtle, then go for heavy jewellery that amplifies the look.

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5. Makeup

As silk sarees are traditionally worn during festive occasions, it is vital to experiment with vibrant makeup that complements your attire. Use the correct shade of foundation to keep your makeup intact and look flawless. An eye filled with dark kajal looks majestic within silk sarees. keep your lips vibrant with colors that gel with your saree colour. opt for dewy makeup for sunny festivities.

6. Hairstyles

And finally, you need to get your hair done traditionally to nail your silk saree look. Generally, long braids look ecstatic with banarasi silk sarees. If you have short hair, a simple ponytail with a hint of flowers can also add a nice traditional touch. If you wish to try striking hairstyles, then go for a chic updo and fancy flower clips to finish off the contemporary hairstyle.

Silk sarees at a wedding are a tapestry of mysticism. To attain the perfect saree look, it's not just about selecting an expensive saree, but also paying attention to other aspects such as the appropriate colour, blouse design, makeup, and hairstyle. Once these elements are put together, an irresistible silk saree look will spur out.

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