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Everything You Need to Know About Kalamkari Sarees

Kalamkari Sarees Guide

Sarees are one-of-a-kind cultural attire that gives elegant vibes at all special events. And if we talk about the variety, Indian sarees are available in different types of fabrics, prints or embroidery. Whether you need a saree for an evening party, wedding, or get-to-gathers, the choices are endless.

Despite modern sarees available these days, nothing can match the beauty and grace of the designer Kalamkari sarees. Kalamkari sarees have a special place in every woman's heart because of their rich heritage and hand-painted designs.

The printed Kalamkari sarees are not new but date back to medieval and ancient India. It hails from the Mughal era and is widely known for its hand-painted designs using natural dye and bamboo.

Inspired by mythology and folklore, the Kalamkari sarees include peacock motifs, figures from Hindu epics such as Ramayana, and many more to go. Besides this, there are plenty of other unique things about designer Kalamkari sarees that are unknown to many women.

Consequently, let us have an insight into the different types of kalamkari sarees, their benefits, and how to care for kalamkari sarees in this post.

Types Of Kalamkari Sarees

Coming in a wide variety of types, each kalamkari saree is unique in its design and technique. Some popular types of kalamkari sarees include:

Pink Kasturi Kalamkari Saree

Pink Kasturi Kalamkari Saree

pink hue kasturi kalamkari saree

Our beautiful pink hue kasturi kalamkari saree is a perfect blend of Indian ethnicity and modernity. The saree features a traditional peacock print and comes with an unstitched blouse. The fabric used in the making of the saree is cotton silk which gives you a good fall and is easy to drape. Shop this saree now at Just Rs. 1895.

Midnight Music Kalamkari Saree

Midnight Music Kalamkari Saree

midnight music kalamkari saree

The next best kalamkari saree to choose for your special occasion is our midnight music kalamkari saree. This gorgeous kalamkari saree is available in a black saree and has a digital print on it indicating Lord Krishna playing his Veena. It is carefully crafted in Chanderi cotton to make it lightweight. So why wait anymore? Shop this classic Kalamkari saree at Just Rs. 1295 and look gorgeous.

Eva Kalamkari Saree

Eva Kalamkari Saree

Eva kalamkari saree

Speaking of different types of kalamkari sarees would be incomplete without mentioning the Eva kalamkari saree. The Eva Kalamkari saree is made from pure viscose dola silk fabric and feels super soft on your skin. This kalamkari saree comes with a soft cotton jacquard blouse and a weaving pallu. Make this beauty yours at Just Rs. 3390.

Benefits Of Kalamkari Sarees

From its artistic appeal to its cultural significance, wearing a designer kalamkari offers a range of benefits. Let us learn some of the perks of wearing a Kalamkari saree.


The primary reason to wear a kalamkari saree is because it is unique compared to other available sarees. These are hand-painted and often come with intricate designs which in turn convey your individuality and make you look different from others.


From festivals to formal events, you can wear the printed kalamkari sarees for almost any occasion as these are highly versatile. Be it any wedding, party, festival celebration to routine office, you can easily wear a kalamkari saree and style it as per your style.

Timeless appeal

If you are on the lookout for something timeless and in trend at the same time, then your search ends here. Kalamkari saree is not only in trend but also has a timeless appeal. Its classic motif designs pass down through generations and also add a great touch to your looks.


Another reason to shop for hand-painted sarees is because these are super comfortable. Unlike other sarees and outfits, Kalamkari sarees provide you with much-needed comfort even if you wear these throughout the day.

How To Care for A Kalamkari Saree?

Taking proper care of the designer kalamkari saree after buying and wearing it is a must if you want to preserve its beauty and longevity. But there are many women out there who struggle to care for their Kalamkari sarees and end up losing their grace over time.

Consequently. Here are some tips to help you retain the grace of your Indian sarees.

  1. Dry clean: Instead of washing your kalamkari saree by hand or in the washing machine, it is best to get it dry-cleaned to maintain its colours and prevent any damage. This ensures that the delicate hand-printed design will remain intact as it was.
  2. Avoid exposing it to sunlight: Never expose your kalamkari saree to direct sunlight as it may fade its colours over time making your saree look dull and faded away. Make sure to dry it in a shaded area to maintain its look like it is new.
  3. Do not soak for long: The next thing to bear in mind when caring for the kalamkari saree is to avoid soaking it for an extended period as this can cause damage to the intricate hand [painted designs or its colours.
  4. Use medium heat while ironing: When you are ironing the Kalamkari saree, prefer to use the medium heat settings instead of the high heat and place a thin cloth in between the saree and the iron.
  5. Store in plastic bags: Care must be taken to store the kalamkari sarees once done washing and ironing. Before storing, ensure that these are completely dry and then store these in plastic bags.

Where To Buy Kalamkari Sarees?

Now that you know a great deal about kalamkari sarees, the next question that might be hovering in your mind must be regarding where to shop kalamkari sarees from. Ekana label is the one-stop shop for all your clothing needs. It's been years since Ekana label is serving people with traditional and timeless kalamkari sarees and spreading happiness all over the world. So, shop the elegant and carefully crafted sarees now.

Final Words

By now, you must have come to know a great detail about the Kalamkari saree and its significance. Besides the ones mentioned above, there are plenty of designer Kalamkari sarees available for you. Abide by the tips stated above to take care of your Kalamkari sarees and retain their grace.

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