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How To Wear A Dupatta: A Comprehensive Guide To Styling And Draping Techniques


How To Wear A Dupatta

No traditional Indian attire is complete without an elegant and versatile dupatta. Dupattas are the ones that can make or break an entire look of yours. Be it salwar kameez, lehengas, or sarees, taking a dupatta not only completes your outfit but also adds grace and charm to it.

What is a Dupatta?

Dupattas are one such clothing item that elevates your outfit. But choosing the right dupatta for your outfit out of the available ones these days has become a daunting task for many women out there.

Moreover, it's not always about choosing the right dupatta for your outfit but also about styling and draping it well. Unfortunately, many women lack the know-how of styling the dupatta and prefer to simply wear it around their neck.

Consequently, learning dupatta draping ideas with different outfits is a must whether you are attending a wedding or simply want to elevate your everyday look.

Best Selling Dupattas

Your search for the best-selling dupatta style on suit ends here as we have got you back. Have a look at some of the popular types of dupattas and elevate your outfit like never before.

1.   Lotus Pichwai Dupatta

 Lotus Pichwai Dupatta

One of the best-selling dupattas is our lotus Pichwai dupatta. The sea green coloured dupatta has a digital print and can be a perfect addition to your ethnic outfit. The fabric used in the making of the dupatta is handloom cotton silk and is both classy and trendy at the same time. Shop this dupatta from Ekana label at Just Rs. 849.

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2.   Creamy Pichwai Dupatta

The next best-selling dupatta is our creamy Pichwai dupatta. The handloom cotton silk fabric of the dupatta is super soft, and above all, easy to carry. The floral print of the dupatta makes the dupatta the ideal one for your everyday wear. Style this dupatta with your ethnic outfit by getting it at only Rs. 849.

Creamy Pichwai Dupatta

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3.   Green Sage Dupatta

How can one forget about the green sage dupatta when talking about the best-selling dupattas? Our green sage dupatta is not only trendy but also classic. The stunning peacock design on this dupatta further adds to its beauty. Above all, the dupatta is easy to carry, is lightweight, and gives you a good fall. So why wait anymore? Grab it at just Rs. 849.

 Green Sage Dupatta

4.   Navrang Patola Paithani Dupatta

If you are looking for a dupatta to style with an Indian outfit for a festival, then our Navrang Patola Paithani dupatta is the one for you. The Paithani border of this stunning dupatta adds to the grace and charm of the dupatta even more and makes it more captivating. Shop it now at just Rs. 849 before it gets too late.

Navrang Patola Paithani Dupatta

How To Choose The Right Dupatta For Your Outfit?

Choosing the right dupattas online for women these days for your outfit is nothing short of a challenge as there are plenty of prints and designs available. So, here are some tips to help you choose the perfect dupatta for your outfit.

Occasion- The first thing to pay heed to when choosing the right dupatta for your outfit is the occasion. For instance, if you are looking for a dupatta for a wedding or some formal event, then opt for the embellished one. But if you want the dupatta for everyday wear clothes, then simple printed dupattas will go.

Outfit- When choosing the dupatta, make sure that it should be according to the colours and fabric of your outfit. If it is a heavy outfit, opt for the simple dupatta. Contrary to this, if your outfit is plain or lightweight, then opt for the heavy dupatta.

Personal style- It’s not always about the trend, but also about the personal style. Also experiment with different colors, prints, and designs to figure out what looks good on you.

Season- Always think about the season when buying the right dupatta for your outfit. For instance, if you are choosing a dupatta for summer, prefer a lightweight fabric dupatta and if you are choosing for the winter season, go for the woollen or pashmina dupattas.

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How To Style And Drape Dupattas?

Merely buying and choosing the right dupatta for your outfit is not enough. You also need to be mindful of dupatta wearing style and drape it well to look your best. Check out the tips outlined below to know about dupatta draping style and drape your dupatta in different ways.

  • Pleated around your neck:

Undoubtedly, the most classic way of styling the dupatta is to wear it around your neck. This dupatta draping style is the ideal one for you if your dupatta is of lightweight fabric and you aren’t wearing a neckpiece along with your outfit.

  • Free fall:

Allowing your dupatta to free fall in front of the neck is another popular draping style for the dupatta. This style is perfect if your dupatta is of net or mesh design. Otherwise, it might cover your outfit.

  • Pleated on one side:

The next best dupatta wearing style is to wear a dupatta by pleating it on one side. Make sure to pleat it neatly and stack it on one side to make it look elegant. If your dupatta is of flowy fabric, it is best to secure it with a pin so that it does not fall.

  • Draped around your elbows:

Draping the dupattas around your elbows is also a great way of styling your dupatta. This goes well when you are wearing a lehenga or shararas. This dupatta style not only looks elegant but also makes you look stylish and excellent for snazzy events.

  • Cape style:

Are you looking to give your traditional outfit a modern twist? If this is so, then wearing your dupatta the cape style is the best way forward. Simply fold your dupatta in half and pin the opposite ends using a safety pin. Secure everything into place and rock the look.

Wrapping Up

By keeping these small things in mind, you can choose the best-selling dupatta for your outfit and also drape it well to look chic and elegant at the same time. Shop best-selling dupattas from Ekana label at affordable prices now.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1. what is a dupatta

Dupattas are one such clothing item that elevates your outfit. But choosing the right dupatta for your outfit out of the available ones these days has become a daunting task for many women out there.

Q.2. How to prevent the dupatta from slipping off?

Dupatta slipping off, again and again, might frustrate you. So some of the best ways to prevent your dupatta from slipping off are to use safety pins, clips, or brooches, secure with hairpins, or adjust regularly.

Q.3. Can dupattas be worn with Western outfits?

Gone are the days when dupattas used to be worn only with traditional outfits. These days, you can even wear dupattas with Western outfits as well, like as a cape, as a jacket, or as a poncho style.

Q.4. What is the ideal length of a dupatta for different draping styles?

The ideal length of a dupatta draping style differs greatly and depends on personal style, body height, and complexity of draping. You can also customize the ideal length of your dupatta by trimming it.

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