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Top 6 Designer Sarees for this Diwali Season


Significance of Diwali

One of the most celebrated and brightest festivals in India is Diwali, also referred to as Deepavali. This festival represents the triumph of goodness over injustice and hope over despair. It weaves elaborate stories of historical, spiritual, and cultural significance. Millions of people unite and celebrate this festival with their illuminated hearts and homes. As it celebrates the arrival of Lord Rama from banishment.

Choosing the Right Diwali Outfit

Diwali is an appealing blend of celebration and tradition. And, to match the sparkle of this gleaming festival, choosing a trend-worthy Diwali Outfit is a must. However, while picking out your choice from the designer palette: be aware of one thing. Your Diwali outfit should reflect the cultural vogue and its adoration towards the tradition.

From the alluring range of Diwali apparel, Indian traditional clothing captivates us on a deep level. The range includes Lehengas, Designer Sarees, Anarkali Sets, Kurta pants, and more. Out of this enchanting range of Diwali outfits, Designer Sarees make timeless yet head-turning charisma.

Tradition of Designer Sarees for Diwali

Designer sarees for Diwali stand out as an opulent choice. This ensemble connects with the roots of the rituals because of their persona of elegance. Also, it unites and connects with the core traditions because of its ethnic vibes.

Current fashion trends for Diwali sarees

Every passing year, the world of fashion for Diwali outfits keeps evolving. The trends in Diwali sarees offer remarkable transformations, from quality fabrics to contemporary designs.

The present fashion trends involve a fusion of designer sarees and statement-maker traditional aesthetics. Here are a few trends that promise to light up your festive season with its alluring charm:

  1. Vibrant & Subtle Color Palette

This Diwali, bold and vibrant colours are the standouts. Luxury tones like Emerald, Ruby-like tones, and sapphire shades are exuding elegance. Besides, soothing pastels and muted tones are also a timeless choice for celebrations.

  1. Artistic Prints

With this ever-evolving fashion era, designer sarees for women are becoming an alluring canvas for hand-painted motifs and digitally printed designs. Furthermore, with a wide range of exclusive designs from Kalamkari Sarees and Ikat print sarees to Pichwai sarees and Patola sarees, Ekana Label sets a unique standout in crafting masterpieces.

  1. Sustainable Fabric Quality

Nowadays, fashion icons choose eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. Fabrics such as pure handloom cotton silk, semi-tussar silk, linen, and Chanderi are evergreen selections. These quality fabrics prioritize comfort to proffer a conscious Diwali celebration.

Why Choose Designer Sarees for Diwali from Ekana Label?

In the Festival of Lights, your whole persona asks for grandeur and opulence. While in a festive mood, when it comes to putting together your festive wardrobe, designer sarees for women beat almost all the ethnic festive styles.

Let's make it easy for you. Here are a few of the eye-catching notes to make up your mind to choose Designer Sarees for Diwali from Ekana Label.

  1. Unique and Unparalleled Quality

Adding a designer saree to your wardrobe means you are adding a premium quality style. Designer sarees from Ekana Label feel luxurious to your skin because of their sleek and quality fabric and texture, which ensures comfort all day long.

  1. Attention to detail Artistry

Ekana Label is a one-of-a-kind brand that carries the legacy of its unique artistry. The brand's strength is to proffer captivating prints such as Kalamkari, Ikat, Pichwai, Patola, and Mughal. Ekana crafts masterpieces that aren't just a piece of fabric, but they speak the history and culture.

  1. Infinite Choices

At Ekana Label, you can explore the variety of designer saree styles available in unmatched contemporary designs. Our designer-printed saree collection covers a diversity of prints and patterns that will match all your Diwali celebrations.

Top 6 Designer Sarees for this Diwali Season

  1. Nilambari Mughal Blue Kalamkari Saree

Nilambari Mughal Blue Kalamkari Saree

This beautifully printed designer deep-hued saree reflects a royal-like appearance, ideal for the Diwali party.  A premium handloom texture provides a soft touch to your skin because of its lightweight comfortability. This blue Kalamkari printed saree is a perfect replica of new-age festive modernity.

  1. Thaanvi Double Ikat Saree

Thaanvi Double Ikat Saree

This easy-to-carry designer craft is digitally printed with Ikat Print. The Chanderi Cotton fabric of this designer saree for Diwali gives it a nice fall. The saree is adorned with Kalamkari painted pallu that gives it a significant appearance for the Diwali-like Festivity.

  1. Coral Floral Designer Saree

Coral Floral Designer Saree

Embrace the allure of ethnicity with our contemporary Coral Floral Saree. This handloom cotton silk saree is adorned with intricate cow and peacock motifs. Crafted from lightweight handloom cotton silk fabric, this couture is designed for all-day comfort. It comes with an unstitched blouse for a unique touch. This flowy flair is the perfect addition to your party closet.

  1. Nevaeh Purple Pichwai Saree

Nevaeh Purple Pichwai Saree

When preparing for festivities, all you need is a Nevaeh Purple Pichwai Printed Saree. This rich Viscose dola silk ensemble features a vibrant purple hue adorned with floral prints. The saree has a metallic tone and is accompanied by a soft cotton jacquard butti blouse. The weaving pallu completes the look with its enhanced flowy style. Shop now and steal the show with this ethnic couture!

  1. Nivedita Gopi Black Saree

Nivedita Gopi Black Saree

Make a showstopping statement with the Nivedita Gopi Black Saree – an epitome of grace and style. This digitally printed staple showcases dancing motifs of Gopi in black to beige ombre shade. The saree comes with an unstitched blouse. This easy-to-carry drape is a blend of elegance and comfort, crafted from soft and lightweight Chanderi cotton. Shop now to adorn your wardrobe with a touch of classic sophistication.

  1. Aishwarya Bandhej Imperial Blue Saree

Aishwarya Bandhej Imperial Blue Saree

This gracefully designed semi-tussar silk saree is a blend of contemporary design and modern craftsmanship. The traditional Bandhej print with an amalgamation of Ikat print on the edges gives the saree a flourishing festive look. This breathable and lightweight craft radiates the metallic tone with its vibrant and subtle elegance. 


This Diwali, Ekana Label tribe is all set to inspire your Diwali outfit with designer printed sarees. Explore the range of designer sarees for women that exude distinctive prints, unlike any other brand that articulates the heritage and tradition on the saree canvas.

Cherish this festive season, by adorning the stunning range of designer sarees for Diwali and embrace the finest version of yourself. Wear the Ekana Label, and drape the tradition while donning the contemporary artistry.

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