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The Best of Ekana Luxe: Our Top Picks For Luxury Indian Clothing


Luxury Indian Clothing

From back in time to now, the world of fashion has evolved greatly blending different cultures and styles to create some breathtaking ensembles. Gone are the days when people used to shop for clothes from local shops and did not think much about clothing as times have changed pretty much now.

With the change in people’s fashion tastes and preferences, more and more people are shifting towards the world of designers and shopping for luxury Indian clothing. From regal sarees to kurta and suit sets, each luxury garment is a blend of tradition and contemporary flair.

With so many brands, labels, and designers hovering around these days, it can get daunting for people to pick luxury Indian clothing. Consequently, we have shortlisted some of the top picks for Indian clothing you can consider.

Top Picks For Women

Let us unveil a curated list of top picks for luxury Indian Clothing as per Indian fashion to make you look stunning and flawless.

Co-ord sets

Nova Kalamkari Grey Bold Co-ord Set

One of the top picks for women is none other than co-ord sets. Co ord sets are not only popular but are also comfortable and enhance your overall appearance. Ekana Label’s iconic co-ord sets offer you a seamless look and also the flexibility to match the co-ord sets with other tops or bottoms.

The best part about the co-ord sets is that you can make these look unique by pairing them with different accessories and mixing and matching your co-ords with other tops or bottoms. Explore the Ekana Luxe co-ord sets collection now and grab the one that seems you the best depending on the look you want.

Pure Dola silk saree

Aadita Beautiful Bandhej Floral Saree

The next best ethnic wear to choose from the Ekana Luxe collection is the Pure Dola silk saree. Among all the varieties of silk, dola silk is the only luxurious variety of silk known for its rich texture and intricate designs.

We have a huge range of Dola silk sarees available in our Ekana Luxe collection to choose from. Make sure to keep your personality, style, colours, and fashion preference in mind while choosing the ideal Dola silk saree and look ravishing.

Kurta and suit sets

Grey Placement Print Three Piece Set

Mentioning the Luxury Indian Clothing would be incomplete without speaking about the kurta sets and suit sets. There are numerous factors you need to consider before you choose the perfect kurta and suit set for yourself from our Luxe collection.

Pay heed to details like fit and embellishments, occasion, and fabric quality when deciding to buy a kurta and suit set. Kurta and suit sets are great for both casual elegance and formal sophistication.

Above all, always go with a kurta and suit set that compliments your style and makes you feel confident about wearing it. So why wait anymore? Go and explore our range of kurta and suit sets in the Ekana Luxe collection now.

Dress and tops

Green Modern Kalamkari Silhouette Dress

Another top pick for you when considering going for luxury Indian Clothing is dresses and tops. Some of the clothing items featured in the Ekana Luxe collection include kalamkari dresses, mango dresses, floral dresses, monochrome dresses, kaftan, pichwai dresses, and the list goes on.

Depending on your style, fashion trends, tastes, and preferences, you can choose the one that seems you the best and also serves your purpose. Step into the world of luxury now by opting for our Luxe dresses and tops.

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Why Choose Ekana Luxe?

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider choosing Ekana Luxe to get Luxury Indian Clothing. Let’s take a sneak peek at the same.

Superior quality

The most significant reason for choosing the Ekana Luxe’s collection is its superior and uncompromising quality. Each piece of luxury Indian clothing is crafted using premium materials, ensuring that these are durable and go on for a long time. Ekana Label is committed to using superior quality and making pieces that stand the test of time.

Reflects personal style

The best part about Ekana’s Luxe collection is that it reflects your style. You can accessorize and style these outfits to fit your style perfectly and make them yours.

Ideal for all occasions

In the Ekana Luxe collection, there is an outfit for every occasion, whether it is a wedding or a milestone celebration. With its variety of outfits, you are sure to look your best at all times, regardless of the occasion.

Offers variety

Another benefit of choosing the EkanaLuxe’s collection is that it offers a huge variety of clothing items to choose from such as co-ord sets, kurta and suit sets, dresses and tops and sarees, and much more.

A blend of traditional and modern

Lastly, what makes Ekana’s Luxe collection the most distinct one is that it is a blend of traditional and modern. It is this blend that enables Ekana to produce unique and Luxury clothing items.

Shop Ekana’s Luxe Collection Now!

If you want to elevate your wardrobe and style, then choosing the Ekana Luxe collection is the sure-shot way to do so. Visit our website now and grab the best pieces from the Ekana Luxe collection at great prices.

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